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"Charge distribution efficiency= life!"
Now that we have PROVEN- that only bioactive (fractal ) electric fields serve biology and growth-
we MUST completely reinvent architecture and clothing. How we build everything from cities to greenhouses to hospitals to churches-
is COMPLETELY re-defined!
Materials that create centripetal (phase conjugate/centripetal), high dielectric capacitance- are the ONLY way to maximize growth, health and evolution!

Synthetic materials and steel and aluminum which poison biologic capacitance- are now inexcuseable when placed invading the human/plant bio-field.

Access to Mitogenic radiation / DNA Radio / the Collective Unconscious / the Communion of Saints- / the "Akashic Records"
is CLEARLY engineerable now that we understand the mechanism of that self-organizing charge field is specifically negentropic phase conjugate charge collapse tuned by golden ratio phase conjugation to Planck
(Dan Winter's new equation = the Fractal / BIOACTIVE FIELD).

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New July 24, 2016 - Latest (3rd) Mystic TV Interview with Dan Winter- on BioActiveField Technology
Mystic View #28 - BioActive Technology with Dan Winter - 67min.

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New Jan 17,2016 from 2nd and climax film of the Bioactive field (Jan 17,2016) course series with Dan Winter -140 min. Electric science of pyramid rejuvenation, plasma projection, physics of astrology, how agni hotra works, how death and rebirthing work electrically - physics of 'grace'.. electric reason why access to a bliss process self empowers your immune health & what electric field survives death.. and more.

Note: The Youtube version above cropped the chat field window which contained links and comments
- the original wider field film version with the chat window (from LearnItLive)- may be viewed HERE.

Update Nov.15, 2015: from - The Bioactive Field Science- Course Complete Film 150 Min.


Above: Pyramids-Bioactive Fields & Rejuvenation with Dan Winter-
Barcelona Occult History Conference - Filmed Oct 3,2015- in English and Spanish- 70 min.
Lecture concludes with Plasma Healing Bioactivefield
Translation English to Spanish - thanks to Carles Avila

The quintessential new information:
All biology remains alive to the extent it's electric/magnetic field is centripetal.
That's what holds it together. That's what allows a seed to attract it's first nutrient: life or death.
This is why centripetal (conjugate / fractal-therefore NEGENTROPIC ) electric/magnetic fields accelerate life /and heal living systems.

Designing and maintaining life- giving centripetal / conjugate / fractal fields- is the essence of the Hermetic project- where the caducceus IS phase conjugation.
It was the difference between life and death- the design of dolmenic bio-active fields - for the ancients this was called 'raising a SHEM'.
It was the turning point in the evolution of civilization- the design of life giving, healing, age regressing charge fields.
This is more than ever true today- as we learn how the geopathic non-centripetal fields of our modern non-fractal geopathic buildings- are killing us.

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If a someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing - 'self aware'. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center - named THE GRAVITY - and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book). The new equations: Dan Winter
Einstein:the solution to infinite non-destructive (charge)compression IS the unified field. ..So- if perfect compression is the solution to virtually every science problem in history: gravity, alchemy, fusion, urban design, computers.. the physics of human (peak)perception/bliss.. the list goes on - THEN what does it mean that we have just proven the (fractality perfected) wave mechanics showing that golden ratio IS the solution to perfect (charge) compression?
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy - by Daniel Winter-
212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and (peak perception) BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.

Jane McCarthy asked: "Hi Dan, would an interpretation of your work be, God is a mathematically ordering wave principle ~ ?"

Answer from Dan Winter: "GOD/scion/ion - the perfect branching of charge: mindfulness/negentropy/self-organization and what we call perception (sorting into wave phase) - are all the DIRECT results of the wave mechanics of (golden ratio /centripetal / fractal) phase conjugation , the central premise of my new book: Origins Biologic Negentropy- with my core new equation: planck length and time x exact integer exponents golden ratio / phase conjugate) and EXTENSIVE evidence the equation fits observed frequencies and wavelengths) - in practical terms this means the inner voice of the divine and the ancestral is precisely what is destroyed by modern electro-smog and failure to understand the necessary (fractal) symmetry required for life force in charge space..

So the climax form of coherence: fractal phase conjugate negentropic non-destructive compression- is exactly how the nodes in the hologram get their muliply connected- everywhere at ONEness (hence only 'fractal / conjugate' air and space allows phone calls to ancestors - 3 ways this is electrically measured: (top) - The definition of sacred space- is precisely the conjugate geometry of this electrical form of perfect connectedness : thus defining the necessary architecture to allow electrically successful birth, death, and bliss ( hint now electrical engineers who understand have biologic proof that the electrosmog / fractionated charge space- of most HOSPITALs- is PRECISELY the electrical definition of HELL"



How planetary climate/ all the GAIA variables increase their resistance to chaos:

These are the exact measured frequency harmonics of the
Earth’s SCHUMANN RESONANCE (ignore Greg Braden’s confusion)- ALMOST an exact negentropic phase conjugate pump wave- SO - CAN YOU GUESS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE now to make GAIA emerge from chaos????????
Hint- fix the music, fix the grid- it can be proven to eliminate pollution and more..!

For those wishing to learn of the science behind our THERAPHI - Plasma Healing- also please see the 2 new courses below at our Fractal University:

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We have the world's most compelling teaching team and state of the art- teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness.

Courses at related to our THERAPHI Plasma Rejuvenation technology:

BioActive/Living Electric Fields:Commercial Applications of FRACTAL FIELD Physics
- Course Dates : Nov. 15, 2015 - & Jan. 17, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)

Class Link:
a) plasma rejuvenation /healing / seed treatment / and Kundalini - bliss trigger / stem cell switch - and shamanic stargate?
b) - Implosion science for water, agriculture and health
c) - applying implosion for radical healing in spa technology
d) bioactive glass
e) bioactive cement-
f) intro to bioactive field architecture -
The quintessential new information:
All biology remains alive to the extent it's electric/magnetic field is centripetal.
That's what holds it together. That's what allows a seed to attract it's first nutrient: life or death.
This is why centripetal (conjugate / fractal-therefore NEGENTROPIC ) electric/magnetic fields accelerate life /and heal living systems.
Designing and maintaining life- giving centripetal / conjugate / fractal fields- is the essence of the Hermetic project- where the caducceus IS phase conjugation.
It was the difference between life and death- the design of dolmenic bio-active fields - for the ancients this was called 'raising a SHEM'.
It was the turning point in the evolution of civilization- the design of life giving, healing, age regressing charge fields.
This is more than ever true today- as we learn how the geopathic non-centripetal fields of our modern non-fractal geopathic buildings- are killing us.


Advanced plasma healing concepts: in depth
Class Link:
- Course Dates : Nov. 22, 2015 - & Jan. 24, 2016 - Sunday 2pm EST/NY Time (8pm Paris, 11 am California)
More clinical understanding of the PRIORE plasma healing work we developed into our Theraphi. This course will be co-taught with our plasma specialist Paul.
HOW plasma healing - is also a kundalini/bliss trigger potentially, and a seed treatment pulse, and a stem cell switch- and even a shaman portal.




The "BioActive Field"

SUBJECT Breakthru-Technologies A personal message from Dan Winter
HEADLINE Be a part of the Breakthru-Technologies Conference
This autumn in Calgary, I have the honor and pleasure of participating in an event that literally has the potential to save the world: the inaugural Breakthru-Technologies Conference. Dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our environment and self-empowerment in all aspects of life, this incredible conference will bring together a scintillating group of thought leaders including Nassim Haramein, Bob Dratch, Elizabeth A. Rauscher, and many others to share, discuss and celebrate breakthroughs in science, green energy and unified field theory.
Personally, I'll be doing double duty at the conference: as a featured speaker addressing eco-friendly applications of applied quantum fractal field theory, and as a key organizer along with my good friends and associates Roger Green, Kerrie Wilson and Paul Harris. With no outside sponsors, the Breakthru-Technologies Conference is a true "community" event. And it is in the spirit of community that I'm contacting you today.

Take a good read of our website
Here is now you can help:
Forward this email, and other updates I will be sending you through your email list
Tell your friends and colleges
Become a sponsor!
Attend the conference

Dan Winter, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher PhD, Bob Dratch, Dr. Sal Giandinoto PhD, Sapoty Brook M.Sc, Bill Donavan, Ross Spiros, Michael Rice, Randy Ziesenis, Jonathan Quintin, Paul Harris, John Fanuzzi,  MC: Roger Green
Presentations: Hydrogen Energy Revolution, Magnetic Water Technology, Eco Global Fuels- Carbon Neutral Energy System, Phase Conjugate Dielectrics, Revitalizing the soil, Pain Relief Medical Technology, Transport Fuel Enhancer,  Global Pollution Clearing, Hypersonic Propulsion and Drag Reduction Transportation System, Bio-Architecture, Reinventing the Fashion Industry, Ormus - High Spin State Superconducting Matter, Art and Science,  Bloom the Desert

  • To bring together the world's leading team of scientists who are on the cutting edge of fractal field technologies
  • To develop a growing network of compassionate investors and commercial leaders with awareness of global needs
  • To develop innovations in agriculture, technology, energy systems, sustainability, health, and education
  • To provide a forum for brilliant ideas and new paradigm thinking
  • To facilitate collaboration between visionaries, scientists and pioneers
  • To promote robust science and hardcore testing, validation and analysis
  • To develop regenerative projects that offer sustainable living systems
  • To provide market support for key projects
  • To facilitate investment in new expressions of essential energy that can improve lives
 The Breakthru-Technologies Conference is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our planet and self-empowerment in all areas of life.
 CALGARY CANADA 2009  , CONFERENCE November 21-22, WORKSHOPS November 23, THINK TANK November 24-25 for all details, online booking, timetable, accommodation, venue details, detailed descriptions on the presenters and presentations

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics

Phase Conjugate Cascade (P.C.C.) Crystals (Dielectrics) are key to bioactive fields and has proven to optimize:

a) Germination
b) Fermentation
c) Metabolic rates
d) Tissue repair
e) Sedimentation

We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be massively optimized.

This is called a bioactive electric field.  We now know the symmetry, frequency recipes and resin sizes to make capacitors (electric fields), which are fractal and thus cause growth. This is the physics behind electric fields which help seeds to germinate and can reduce aging, storage of food and many other applications.

In fact, the commercial applications are planet changing:

Fermentation rate increase in food, beer, wine, yogurt and other food producing industries
Commercial digesters
BIO-energy and algae fuels e.g. Ethanol production
Building growth chambers
Revolutionizing greenhouse agriculture.

We have long known that all living things require a fractal field. This is patently evident in water chemistry, where redox- the measure of charge distribution efficiency and electron availability to react- is precisely a measure of FRACTALITY IN WATER.

It clearly predicts the ability of all living things to thrive in water. Not so evident - sadly- has been the desperately needed understanding - that FRACTALITY IN AIR will predict just exactly how likely EVERY LIVING THING- is to be able to grow- in that space.

Of course we realize the best way to teach this revolution in the way we think of - what space is 'livable'- is to make it a commercial success. In this regard we have had breakthroughs. Dan Winter has taken what is known of phase conjugation in dielectrics- and applied critical plank, phi and hydrogen frequencies - and developed piezoelectric fields which cause resins to crystallize while hardening into PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRICS.

This has never been achieved before!

These crystals when place inside phase conjugate containers produce a strong dielectric field which is phase conjugating and immensely triggering to bioactivity and hence to growth rate and which also will inhibit aging.

We have multiple series of sophisticated measures - showing that we can for example increase glucose consumption rate- by 50% during fermentation.

This means in effect we can increase metabolic rate.

While we emphasize this is exquisitely important for designing new digesters, fermented beverages, yogurts etc- we also understand that accelerating metabolism can have side effects (apoptosis for example). The difference has to do with keeping the metabolic increase inside a dielectric whose dominant superluminal (phase conjugate) harmonics are of natural biologic origins- thus allowing the survival wisdom of primary DNA radio signal to dominate. Hence we achieve longevity storage, rapid fermentation, and anti- aging.


Magnetic Water Technology

Using the unique cost effective process based on Phase Conjugate Magnetics

  • Increasing agriculture yields
  • Water treatment and rapid purification using centripetal sedimentation.
  • Used also to convert tar sands to oil (sedimentation rate is dramatically increased)

This has been independently measured and documented by Dr. Sal Giandinoto PhD. The dramatic decrease in molecular cluster size, which this technology generates simply but powerfully, helps plants absorb their nutrient more efficiently.

  • Talk about feeding the world! Without the need or use of chemicals and GM Foods
  • Agricultural implications for commercialization are profound.


Effect on Water treatment and purification:
It has revolutionized water treatment, because it is the most efficient and cost effective method.

We have seen the ability to transform sewage water very rapidly into drinkable water by rapid sedimentation. Polluted water is passed through the breakthrough magnetic treatment and rapid sedimentation occurs.

The process effectively separates and removes pollutants making water potable. The extremely dense magnetic vortex at the phase conjugate point can effectively sort (non-phase conjugate) pollutants. The vortical direction of hydrodynamic flow entering the implosive magnetic array must match the direction of the magnetic centripetal compression.

Sewage converted into agricultural irrigation water and drinking water will save billions of dollars for local governments. The technology is low cost so can easily be utilized in third world communities.

Effect on agriculture
The ‘absorption efficiency effect’ has produced measurements of up to 300% growth effect- in treated water used for plant growth. Documented proof and repeatable. Independently measured by Dr. Sal Giandinoto PhD

The dramatic decrease in molecular cluster size, which this technology generates – which we have measured, proven, repeated and independently verified- can increase the ability of water to trigger seed germination by weight up to 300%!

Agricultural implications for commercialization are profound.

Domestic use
Since the size of the appliance can be just a tube about 15-20 inches long with a vortex input, and the mechanism is as simple as plumbing into any normal home flow rate, the application for home devices - is simple and economic. Revitalized home water can be achieved quickly and easily.

How it works
The technology turning point is Daniel Winter's discovery of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS. Finding how magnets can attract like pole to like, he discovered how to make the magnetic flux direct to zero point and implode. What happens to liquids passing through this technology - is that they are SORTED!

By learning how toroidal magnetic fields are naturally octahedral – Mr. Winter have been able to phase conjugate-like magnetic poles, so they attract! Learning that magnetic domains - long thought to be simply toroidal - were naturally octahedral, he discovered that when magnetic lines are properly aligned and focused- they phase conjugate. This means that the like poles of the magnet actually attract (N to N, and S to S). The extreme focusing of the magnetic flux densities in the cone where they are aligned produces dramatic cohering of water molecular clusters. In the same way that mono-atomic materials implosively become electrically stable in smaller 'mono-atom' sizes.

By nesting this intense phase conjugate magnetic cones; Mr. Winter produced an intense molecular cluster-imploding environment for liquids to pass through. Using this unique effect it produces a dramatically reduced molecular cluster size and increase charge radiance efficiencies.

This revolutionizes water treatment, water purification, and water pre-treatment for increasing agricultural yields. It also has the ability to create sedimentation thereby converting tar sands into oil production (sedimentation rate increase).

a) Agricultural yields, nutritional density and plant growth. Early test series show 300% effect by weight.
b) Sedimentation in water treatment. We have processed sewage water into drinkable water by rapid sedimentation. Think of its potential!
c) In addition to revolutionizing water treatment - this breakthru technology can be used for TAR SANDS oil production- which relies on sedimentation rate.
d) This technology is the world leader in designing BIOACTIVE ELECTRIC FIELDS.


from the Spanish News:

2009 from BreakthruTechnologies Website

 Welcome to the Breakthru-Techonologies conference, where we will present solid science based on the unifying principles of the fractal field along with its technical applications.

 An inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, the fractal field operates and expresses itself through phase conjugation.

What is a fractal?

Because a fractal signifies infinite compression, it is what spans the gap between the symmetries of the very small and the very large. Fractals exhibit self-similarity, meaning their inner structure has the same pattern as their outer structure - like a pine cone or a fern tree.


Just as fractality describes the geometry of waves of energy or charge, fractals manifest as wave patterns that evolve ad infinitum - like an encoded thread linking larger spirals to infinitely smaller ones.

 The Golden Mean The Golden Mean ratio is the keystone to Sacred Geometry , Ancient World Technologies

  • The Fractal Field Unified Theory

The Fractal Field Unified Theory and the principle of the Golden Mean allow for the addition and multiplication of waves of charge and energy. The idea of symmetry is vital to both.


Quantum physicists can explain the menagerie of fundamental particles we observe - quarks, gluons, fermions, bosons and more - as different facets of a symmetrical object.


Relativity, too, is an expression of the symmetries that exist between space and time (Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 articulates a symmetry between mass and energy). Symmetry is part of the language of nature, from the molecular level on up: Many animals and plants exploit symmetrical shapes as a way of standing out against the chaos of their landscape.

The Fractal Field Unified Theory illustrates that the perfect, infinite symmetry sought by physicists pre- and post-Einstein is a fractal and Golden Ratio phase conjugate field.
------When we apply the electric principles of phase conjugation, the dielectric field made by DNA itself becomes suddenly clear.
Phase Conjugation
Practically speaking, phase conjugation describes nature's ability to organize and correct itself on a global scale. It is implosion perfected by the Golden Ratio, and the path that energy takes from chaos into life.


Golden Ratio-optimized fractal phase conjugation provides us with a more precise language for terms such as:

  • Bindhu Point

  • Black Hole theory

  • Fusion

  • Implosion

  • Omega Point

  • Still Point

  • Zero Point

Phase conjugation proves that the fractal field, rather than traditional science, can solve the riddles of:

  • Bio-Feedback and Natural Healing Mechanisms

  • Color Vibration Order

  • Consciousness

  • DNA Coherence

  • Focus and Perception

  • Gravity

  • Life Force, Chi, Shakti, Prana

  • Wormholes

Phase conjugate fields provide a slew of physical as well as metaphysical solutions to:

  • How awareness works

  • How "cold fusion" works

  • How DNA works

  • How gravity is made

  • How infinite compression works (as in silicon-based microchip transistors)

  • How stem and progenitor cells work

Phase conjugation can be viewed as the missing link to:

  • Accelerated Digesters

  • Addiction/ADD Therapies

  • Chemical-Free Agriculture

  • Disinfection Procedures (e.g., Fractal Negative Ion Wind Therapy)

  • Fusion Optics

  • Higher Consciousness

  • Hydrogen Energy Release

  • Peak Perception

Phase conjugate magnetic commercial applications include:

  • Conversion of Sewage into Drinking Water

  • Electrical Field Creation for Accelerated Seed Germination

  • Purification and Sedimentation Acceleration

  • Supersonic Green Transportation Systems (Carbon-Zero)

  • Super Water-Charged Compression

    The Shape of the Universe

    Conference presenter Dan Winter was one of the first scientists to provide evidence that the shape of the universe is a stellated dodecahedron.

 As a shape capable of producing the perfect fractal, the stellated dodecahedron can cause charges to scale, materialize and implode. While electric field theory has been slow to produce a model of a fractal electrical field, the stellated dodecahedron stands as its perfect 3-D realization.
Winter was also one of the first scientists to attribute the cause of gravity to the fractal nature of the universe.

 According to Winter's research, it is the stellated dodecahedron's perfect charge collapse geometry - based on the Golden Mean - that creates gravity.


Only the Golden Ratio allows for constructive interference of wave addition and multiplication.
Winter is not alone in his convictions.

  • World famous research scientist El Naschie agrees with Winter, and has calculated groundbreaking mathematics proving the universe is a fractal based on the Golden Ratio.

  • Garrett Lisi recently went public with his like-minded Theory of Everything model E8.

  • The work of Alain Connes has shown that non-commutative spaces naturally evolve toward fractality. In fact, most astrophysicists now agree that the shape of the universe is a dodecahedron.

  • Groundbreaking physicist Andrei Linde has found fractals helpful in modeling the behavior of the universe, and is currently spearheading research suggesting that the fractal nature of space may actually be the cause of gravity.

The revelation that the Golden Ratio is the essence of fractality - and thereby the root cause of gravity (along with all centripetal forces) - is groundbreaking in that it links waves of all kinds to a single fractal heart.




We are bringing people together to celebrate and enjoy our wonderful philosophies, passions, inventions, science and innovations, embraced in a common theme, the rejuvenation of our planet and its energy systems.

1170 Links on PHASE CONJUGATION with Tom Bearden



Geometry of Nick Thomas:

Stone age farming(using stone circles for fertility):

Lastest in applying Golden Ratio to achitectural design:

Royal Crown Pic

In one sense- John Burke and his co-author are to be congratulated here for documenting the bioactivity for seed germination of the electric field - of dolmen sites. In another sense- they join hundreds of others- like the confused folks still using words like "Orgone", "Ether" and "Biogeometry" hopelessly lost in wu-wu land- because they cannot conceive of a pure electric field symmetry PRINCIPLE- which motorizes all LIVING BIOLOGY- because it enhances CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY!

(The phase conjugate/ fractal BIOACTIVE field)

Contrary to what they suggest- you do not need to travel to an ancient sacred site to experiment with growth force electric fields:

(Are the Africans still worshipping the coke bottle that fell from the airplane?)

What is needed is to use the correct phase conjugate dielectric, paramagnetic, and piezoelectric materials to MAKE the LIFE-GIVING- rose like fractal map of charge in YOUR backyard!
(and to make LIFE in ARCHITECTURE!)

We also measured a 300% Effect in growth by weight- the difference in our lab we created the electric (magnetic) field which caused it- and know the symmetry principle behind it. Thanks to Hugh Newman- for his suggestions and work on this, you can see his film about this at LINK:


Implosion Group:

Team- Lead by Daniel Winter ( Implosion Group : )

Creating the Electric Field which Causes Life:

Phase Conjugate / Fractal Field

& Breakthru in Water Treatment

all communication to

PHASE CONJUGATOR: Uses Hi Magnetic Flux Density - In Proprietary PHASE CONJUGATE ARRAY-

Worlds most potent Water Restructuring Device- Fast / Efficient / Safe - VERY Lo Cost:

Phase Conjugate Magnetic Water Treatment - tests

below: Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Tests performed by Sal Gino PhD.

Note: these are the tests so far for effect on growth / germination / biologic benefit - of treated water.

Preliminary indications are: effect on SEDIMENTATION RATE - for breakthru in water treatment- will be equally dramatic.

More info on Dan Winter's work on the theory of electric self organization by PHASE CONJUGATION is here.

Note: Self Organization during phase conjugation is well documented in Optics, it is becoming known in phase conjugated dielectrics (links) -

Dan Winter has invented PHASE CONJUGATED DIELECTRICS (separately from his work here on PC Magnetics) which have produced a measured 50% increase in glucose uptake -fermentation RATE increase. (Documentation on those measures IS AT THE BOTTOM HERE).

Dan Winter is the inventor of the concept and here the demonstration of:

PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS ( the reason like poles of a magnetic can ATTRACT in the correct geometry- his first paper on PHASE CONJUGATOR MAGNETICS - he is co-authoring with ELIZABETH RAUSCHER).

TEST APPARATUS: A series of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are precisely set in a unique design: “Phase Conjugate” position . Like poles of the magnet can actually attract each other. We utilize the enhanced 'z pinch' effect of our custom phase conjugate array.

Each of the individual magnets had a 1/2" diameter hole at the centre to allow for water flow. The magnet array was attached to a diaphragm water pump which allowed for recirculation of water using a 20 Liter reservoir. Water was re-circulated for a period of approximately 15 minutes before measurement or experimentation.

Redox Results – After circulating water through the new air-core magnet stack encased in copper tubing for 8 minutes, there was a noticeable 6.5% drop in Redox potential of the sample compared to the control. This is advantageous for drinking water since a lower value in Redox potential is healthier. There was also a 5% drop in pH from the control value of pH 8.0 to 7.6. The ORP (redox potential) readings were as follows:

Control: 738.5 mV

Test sample: 690.2 mV

Measurements were made in reference to a saturated Ag/AgCl calomel electrode.


-- ealier test:

GDV Entropy results- Ordinary tap water (15L) was re-circulated through the magnet stack for about 15-20 minutes. A sample of this ‘magnetized’ water was compared to the original tap water prior to passage through the magnet stack. The two samples were analyzed using the Kirlionics GDV device with the water attachment plate which was submerged in 1 Liter of water in a glass beaker. The results, shown below, indicate a 46% reduction in entropy of the magnet water compared to that of the tap water. 100 data points for each sample was taken for the measurements.

Tap water (BLUE) Magnet Water (RED)

Entropy Avg. (magnetic water)= 1.43

Entropy Avg. (tap water)=2.66

Germination Results- Two individual germination studies were conducted using mustard seeds. In the first experiment, 25 mustard seeds were planted onto a square cotton mat inside of a shallow plastic container about 7 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height. For each experiment three dishes were set up prior to planting. One was used for the control water sample and the other two for the magnet water sample. In the first experiment 25 mustard seeds were planted in each dish and 50 ml of test water was added to each dish. The dishes were covered initially with paper towels and the evaporated water was replenished periodically as needed. After 7 days of germination the seedlings were weighed on an analytical balance to the nearest milligram. The results showed an average increase in germination yield of 12% with the magnet water compared to the untreated tap water. A second experiment was conducted in a similar manner except that 30 seeds were used in each dish and the dishes were covered with plastic wrap to avoid evaporation and subsequent water replenishment. The plastic wrap was ideal since the initial water charge of 50ml was more than enough to keep the seedlings moist over a period of 7 days without having to replenish the water. The results of this study showed a much more prominent effect with the average germination yield of the two magnet water samples at 25% greater than the control water sample.

Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Laboratory comparison on plant weights - as seen above:
Subject: Weights on plants
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:14:47 +0100
From: Sal Giandinoto
I weighed the plants and placed them in sealed plastic bags for shipment for more tests. The weights were:

Magnet Water Plant 12.864g

Tap Water Plant 3.925g

That is a yield ratio of 3.28 to 1.
Quite impressive.


Research Progress Report : on
Dan Winter, Implosion Group:

Creating a Capacitively BIOACTIVE Field (Phase Conjugate / ' Fractal')

Research Measured in the Lab by Dr. Sal Giandinoto

  1. Note: the Phase Conjugate Dielectric Resins- add potent 'fractal' dielectricity

    original measures of Gold Ovoids- to measure life force strength - by capacitive power spectra- from Dan Winter:

    Concept of how fractality measures life force in water is illustrated by REDOX potential.

    Concept of how fractality in air (SAME AS CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY- QUANTIZED): CAN BE ILLUSTRATED BY - fractality in air measures (- see definition of 'sacred' space: )

    This ability to distribute charge- is the defining issue of BIOACTIVE (phase conjugate) electric fields. In this way Stonehenge becomes the design of an appropriate phase conjugate capacitor to cause growth and eliminate aging.

    Note- the above measure of air fractality- portending to re-invent architecture (link above) was dramatically responsive to these cups above.

    Measurement of the field around the above gold PC dielectric cups with PC resin: on the GDV:

    Fermentation results with Gold Phase Conjugate (Hereinafter referred to as:) PCC Cups-

Two trials of the fermentation experiment measuring glucose metabolism here at the Lifeworks Foundation lab showed that there was an average of a 30% increase in glucose metabolism over the four control experiments without the PCC Gold cups. The first trial conducted on Dec. 12, 2008 showed an approximately 40% increase in glucose metabolism whereas the second trial performed on February 12, 2009 showed an approximately 20% increase in glucose metabolism with the use of the gold PCC cups. The same experiment was conducted at CPI with different results. The CPI results did not show any significant increase in glucose metabolism with the gold PCC cups. However, CPI used a significantly different method for their glucose assay which may very well explain the differences seen between their tests and ours.

Figure 1

In the CPI experiments, the assay used measured both the biologically active form of glucose (D-Glucose) and the biologically inactive form L-Glucose. However, in our experiments, the enzyme assay chosen was specific to only the biologically active D-glucose levels. This is a significant difference between the two experiments since the assay we chose to use only measured the change in the biologically active glucose species while leaving out the biogically inactive species.

The above Figure 1 shows the effect of the gold PCC cups on the fermentation rates. It is interesting to note that there is an initial very sharp consumption of glucose in the case of the gold PCC cups vs. the control and then a leveling off of the rate between approximately 100 and 200 minutes. After this leveling off period the fermentation seems to again accelerate especially in the case of the first run on December 12, 2008.

Conductivity of water tests with Gold PCC cups:

Electrical conductivity measurements were performed on both the gold cup with and without the PCC crystals. In these tests, de-ionized water was actually added to the cups and the conductivity of those solutions was directly measured. The results of these tests were quite striking and showed a very large increase in water conductivity over time when the gold cups were filled with de-ionized water. The rate of increase in conductivity in the water changed much more dramatically when the cups contained the PCC crystals as opposed to the cups without the crystals. See Figure 2 for the summary of this data:

Figure 2

Red- Gold cups with PCC Blue- Gold cups without PCC

The above data suggest that the gold cups, while having a substantial effect on the conductivity of the water (increasing slowly with time), the addition of the PCC crystals greatly increases the conductivity of the water over a very short period of time. It appears as though the PCC crystals are actually acting as ‘electrical amplifiers’ since the effect is much more pronounced in their presence than in their absence. In other words, the gold cups set up an electric field and the PCC crystals take that field and amplify it dramatically as shown above in Figure 2. The increase in the conductivity of the water in this experiment is supportive to the increase in fermentation rates seen in the fermentation studies.

Fermentation pH study:

An investigation into the effect of the fermentation process on pH with and without the gold PCC cups was performed. The pH of the solution was measured at various time intervals for the fermentation with and without the gold PCC cups. The data (Figure 3) showed that the pH of the fermentation solution without the gold PCC cups decreased more rapidly over time than the fermentation conducted with the gold PCC cups. Additionally, the pH of the fermentation solution with the gold PCC cups tended to level off at around pH ~ 5.3 whereas the fermentation without the cups tended to continue its decrease only starting to level off around pH ~ 4.6 (see chart below). The interpretation of this data is still underway but seems to indicate that the gold PCC cups are affecting the pH of the fermentation media which will likely have implications for cell growth since cells grow better in pH ranges that are closer to 7 (neutral). In this case, the acidity of the fermentation without the gold PCC cups is approaching levels that would certainly slow down cell growth whereas the acidity levels with the gold PCC cups is at levels that would better support cell growth.

Figure 3

Red-Control (Without Gold PCC cups) Blue-Gold PCC cups

Summary of results – The water conductivity tests are key to understanding the electrical effect of the gold PCC cups on the water. The increase in conductivity in the water using the gold PCC cups demonstrates a “real” effect. This effect explains the increase in glucose metabolic rate that we noticed in the fermentation studies with and without the gold PCC cups. Thus, it appears that the electric field that the cups are creating are affecting both the conductivity of the water as well as the increase in glucose metabolism we see in the fermentation.


Beautiful Example of FRACTALITY Creating Sacred (Biologically Charged) Space in Architecture:
Ron Eglash - Professor of Ethnology / Mathematics, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy,NY USA. Presents his Fulbright Study on FRACTALITY IN THE ARCHITECTURAL PLAN and LAYOUT OF VILLAGES IN AFRICA - see film at link

Click TED Film at link

Overview of the Curriculum for the University - International Conference BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE:


Biologic Architecture: Building the "FRACTAL FIELD" Serves Everything Alive
- ReInventing Architecture Using the Electrical Symmetry of Biology.

Energy FRACTALITY- the principle of the rose- allows perfect compression of fields- which then create perfect field effect DISTRIBUTION (perfect sharing of energy). And THAT perfected charge distribution - is the definition of LIFE ITSELF!

What is Biologic Architecture: Biologic Architecture is the set of rules for construction and land use - which utilize the necessary 'fractal' or rose like symmetry / shape of electric field allows all living things to thrive. Death and disease creating electrosmog in steel and aluminum cages visibly inhibit ALL growth- because all life requires the opposite energy field. Biologic architecture puts into practice the simple rules which allow building and community plans to make FRACTAL and rose petal like charge fields which puts charge into everything based on DNA. Genes are like all living things - they are based on PHI and fractality precisely because only constructive charge compression allows all biologic memory (survival) to be stored - and allows that same field effect (life force is what biologic capacitors eat) - to radiate efficiently into the electric flower of self organization called growth, healing, attention, bliss, and ultimately what must go thru death by compression successfully ( ).

The premise behind biologic architecture is that all life responds well to design that is in accordance with nature and avoids harmful materials and sharp corners which bleed capacitive charge. The ultimate goal of biologic architecture is to create fractal charge fields that are implosive in nature and encourage life, positive DNA resonance and charge implosion. An ideal example of this concept is found in a rose’s petals, which unfold along the golden mean ratio and are fractal, meaning that they are capable of infinite non-destructive interference and attract charge inward towards the center causing implosion (the electrical principle of life itself).

Studying the symmetry of electric fields causing health versus disease an overwhelming simple and yet compelling rule or pattern has emerged. First we learned that Re-Dox potential (see 'Bioelectronics of Vincent' pic etc. below) can effectively predict whether ANY liquid inside biology is going to create HEALTH versus DISEASE. Later it emerges that in effect the Re-Dox (Oxidation - Reduction Potential or electron availability TO REACT) is nothing more than A MEASURE OF FRACTALITY. This is because - first - a free electron itself is nothing more than an electrical black hole (implosive fractal) - and further than the electrical symmetry which ALLOWS an electron to GET DISTRIBUTED EFFICIENTLY (effectively - definition of life itself!) is precisely the fractal (and non-destructive charge) compression which always precedes EFFICIENT CHARGE DISTRIBUTION. In other words- biology heals and thrives ONLY when it can get first the compression right so that a charge radiance (fractal or perfectly branched ) charge distribution results. This then spits out infection, inflammation and restores electrical self-organization.

This is evidenced in multiple ways- including the very word PHYlotaxis, SCION (SCIence), diVINE, etc - which all simply mean THE PERFECT BRANCHING OR DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE resulting from fractality. (REAL grail physics). Medically this is evidenced in numerous ways, for example:
- in the way perfect branching, electrical fractality, and harmonic inclusiveness ALWAYS predict the healthy heart/EKG/HRV versus virtually ALL chronic disease. - ref:
- in the way Szent Gyorgyi showed that triplet state electron charge distribution in super-ordered (fractal / dodec/ clathrate cage) WATER- was always the descriminating factor between healthy cells and cancer. (book:"Electronic Biology and Cancer" etc.)
- in way a strong negative ion wind ("Cell Care Therapy" links at ) when administered therapeutically will dramatically evict inflammation and infection from virtually any biologic tissue. In that article for example we strongly suggest that not only does fractality in LIQUID (ReDox) predict and measure viability (survival) in general -but FRACTALITY IN AIR - does the same! ( See IGA 'torsional' capacitive field technology - measuring fractality in AIR - the residual weak implosive capacitive field which is the signature of ALL LIFE - links: , . Also see how we have been measuring the ability to self-organize the weak charge field around ANYTHING ALIVE - can measure freshness , vitality, life-force - at )

SO- what is the practical upstart of all these exciting new insights. NOW we can UNDERSTAND all the dozens of studies which show that a FRACTAL FIELD (earlier for example named orgone - which now has an electrical definition: a biologically recursive / implosive charge field)- DRAMATICALLY SERVES SEED GERMINATION. ( and pics below). See the list of links below -how the FRACTAL FIELD - revolutionizes most everything in science - from the essential principle of the CAUSE of gravity, consciousness/bliss, healing, and all growth - to the principle of teaching peacemaking as science. Fractality of charge IS the self-organizing electrical principle of life itself.

Applying this to architecture - we now see exactly why the design of living space - must be exactly that - an electrically living space. An electrically alive space (sometimes called 'sacred') - is simply the space where charge can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the (multiply connected / holographic and fractal) distributed resonance called awareness. It is very much like the scene in the Gurjieff movie ('Meetings with Remarkable Men') where the prize goes to the one WHO CAN CREATE AN ECHO ! Ability to return to center (self-refer) for waves and charge - defines birth of self awareness.

So - in effect - to create healing - and bliss / peak experience (end A.D.D / addiction / disease) we now can state with absolute electrical precision that the function of architecture is absolutely the SKILL TO BUILD A BIOLOGICALLY FRACTAL (phase conjugate) CAPACITOR!

If these rules are followed - ( in conjunction with live food happy DNA diet + yoga kinesthetic) biology will be healed and bliss will erupt spontaneously. Not only does the charge field of your (bliss) DNA and EKG (compassionate heart) and PHYLOTACTIC BIOLOGY - look like a ROSE - but so also does the resulting charge field of your refrigerator, your house, your office, and YOUR CITY ( including urban design - ) end up looking like a rose. ( See Prague - the 'gate or portal'/Praha - whose urban design plan originally - the origin of alchemy - is literally A ROSE! - ).

Create living space ( what Michael Rice calls 'living curvation') by observing some simple rules:
1. Use virtually ALL biologic materials - to create fractal charge field effects ( avoid particularly aluminum and steel - also plastics wherever at all possible) - see the chart Fractal Living Materials for Architecture below
2. Plan structures by observing for negative ion potential, and environmental magnetic maps- to find the place of healing (non-destructive charge compression).
3. Make detailed plans to eliminate most all electrosmog. (Seriously poisonous to most biology)- more below.
4. Include paramagnetic stone arrays (dolmen, stone circle, labyrinth) kinds of structure external and or internal - to create rose petal like attraction for living charge.
5. Work with elemental forces - (living charge domains) - to include the symphony of life in your structural plan (also pics: ).

The concept of Biologic Architecture was pioneered by Dan Winter. He has been teaching Scientific principles behind Feng Shui internationally for many years. ( ). With a background in Electrical Engineering, Systems Analysis, Psychophysiology - he is credited in the literature with inventing and pioneering "Heart Coherence". In addition to his "HeartTuner" & "BlissTuner" inventions ( ) he has developed systems for measuring Life Force and Freshness and Tree Health - ( ) using capacitive coupling - weak charge field power spectra. He has developed fundamentally exciting new concepts for supporting biology electrically- namely- that electrical fractality measureably predicts ability of all environments to support life (in both liquid and air - ).

Recognizing that all biologic organisms fundamentally require a fractal electric environment in order to thrive- he has articulated the first biologic principles to actually define the ability of architecture to serve the electric field it is now clear that biology requires. It is really self- evident. DNA and all biologic growth being based on the symmetry of Golden Ratio - evidences the simple truth that non-destructive charge compression - creating efficient charge distribution is simply the electrical definition of life. SO - we must now re-invent architecture to reflect the truth that architects must create the kind of capacitance in a field effect that creates constructive charge compression. Dan teaches how the physics of biologic phase conjugate dielectric defines organic or living material in general. Orgone research has shown for decades that seed germination is replicably effected by 30%, but what they lacked was the skill to define the principle. We now know that this is merely an example of what constructive or phase conjugate capacitance do to support all biology.

Look below at the pictures of what happens to a germinating seed (and by implication -every living thing) when you put it in a metal cage. This is a bleeding capacitor (bad 'feng shui'). On the other hand, if you put that seed in the center of a recursive charge field of biologic dielectrics - it thrives beautifully. Simply put - we are killing our children by putting them in aluminum and steel buildings. In order to stop this travesty - we should not have to wait for 1 generation of architects (the stubborn ones) to die.

The meaning and purpose of the charge field made by DNA (what Jung called the collective unconscious) can grow to its blissful destiny ONLY if we understand the profound implications of the 'fractal field' and apply it - to
-architecture ( )
-agriculture / germination ( )
-urban design ( )
-peacemaking ( )
-peak experience / bliss / peak performance ( )
-successful death ( , )
-COHERENT genetic engineering ( , )


Architecture as Sacred Space:

If Life Force Equals the Ability to Attract and Self-Organize Capacitive Charge - It Now Becomes Possible to Outline the Function of Architecture.

One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered thru evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call LIFE to converge into self-organization and self-awareness. The ability to self-organize and "FUSE" charge into living form is the appropriate goal for architecture because it is the only way to achieve the electrical sustainability as wave which is a scientific definition of immortality.

For example, biology never uses a sharp corner because it would bleed electrical force. You have never seen a Van De Graaph Generator with a corner, it is very rounded. Biology never uses sharp edges except exactly where charge NEEDS to be projected.

Architecture for healing - measuring the person to adjust the architecture to intensify the healing process. Embedding . Paramagnetic stone would allow building to respond to the quality of the human being - by embedding the person in the self-similarity (compressibility and holy communion of biological capacitive charge. (formerly called orgone, barrakah, chi, shaktipat, blessing..). Symbiotic - self-aware and alive.

Healing temple - would not look like a temple as we know it. But is a biological structure.

'The bee hive and the pine cone are excellent examples of sacred architecture because as biological capacitors they implode charge making life and bliss possible and sustainable. They are made of biologic dialectric (self-similar at atomic and molecular symmetry levels)- what Reich used to call organic orgone material- really names for fractal capacitive dialectric. Dialectric is a name of the quality of the insulator spark cap where capacitors catch the memory of stars.
The metal building ...or the western idea of what is a refrigerator - with sharp edges and bad air in urban areas are examples of structures which make only death and prevent bliss because they are bleeding capacitors and therefore the opposite of sacred architecture.

Is BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE an ENERGY SAVER? - REAL human energy ONLY uses the capacitance which is directly absorbable in BIOLOGIC FORM..(the reason dna is based on golden mean fractal charge compression!)
New Feb 07 The 'Fractal Vacuum': Why The Ultimate DEFINITION of ENERGY EFFICIENCY (& Energy Sustainability)- will ALWAYS be FRACTALITY!

This means that the voltage generated by a fresh egg or a pine cone (apparently from the gravity field by being a fractal attractor for weak capacitance)- is the only truly SUSTAINABLE BIOLOGIC source of energy.
Energy put into 60 cycles is out of phase with ALL BIOLOGY and thereby measureable destroys human attention and seed germination.
By using a building WHICH IS ITSELF A BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR humans and all LIVING things absorb that energy charge directly.

Biologic architecture can cause all living things to THRIVE with REAL BIOLOGIC creating a (recursive / fractal / phase conjugate dielectric) electric field which allows biology to breathe the charge efficiency called LIFE ITSELF!


(original magazine article from Henry MacLean -Timeless Architecture : *Banking on Nature's Power* and Poetry. Design Spirit. Winter/Spring 1990. P. 9-14. Senge, Peter. The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning * that bank - (included floform and negative ions) THE EMPLOYEE ABSENTEE RATE MEASURED WENT TO ALMOST ZERO!!!

In 'CHARGE' of Life: Architecture of The Sacred & The Sustainable.

In this part of our study of Sacred Geometry, let us imagine we are the architect of the universe. The addition of simple magnetic symmetry would increase the metabolic burn rate when fed to a compost pile - again by simply arranging stones like lenses to steer the magnetism into the shape of a ROSE (fractal). What is the simple scientific pure principle which explains why adding SHAPE in simple symmetry to magnetism and electrical charge creates a direct means of FEEDING LIFE FORCE to biology and evolution ?

Remember the evolution of consciousness IS the ability of a field effect (in this case the 'charge' radiance of genes and glands) to propagate and distribute itself.

We have learned a little bit about how electric waves in the universal compressible medium can be arranged into patterns which create LIFE itself. We wish to now apply those principles in a practical way, to design and build LIFE.. into our homes, offices, landscapes, and even - into our refrigerators.

If you understand what follows, you will begin to comprehend that there is no possibility to become a sacred architect of ANY sort, unless you can design a capacitor. The reason a beehive or a celtic straw hut in sea spray makes things live so long, is because they are good capacitors.  Ancient dolmen sites and even cathedrals hold you in bliss in the spell of their charge, because they are 'in charge' - that is - FULL OF CHARGE. Life occurs when biological structures learn to gather charge in enough different wave lengths to cause them to compress or 'implode'. You are going to read about 'implosion' here as you learn that this is another name for a 'fractal-attractor'. When enough different waves gather to one place in the Golden Mean ratio.. they begin to suck in an infinite number of other waves - but always in Golden Mean ratio. This is the only way the universe has of arranging for an infinite (in-PHI-knit) number of waves to gather at ONE point without hurting each other. This principle of IMPLODING - waves you will see - is going to become the symmetry (or pattern) ESSENCE of:

1. Making Gravity out of waves (and how charge or power can be extracted from gravity)

2. Making LIFE - and making waves appear to become self-aware and self-steering. ( pics at )

3. Creating the electrical requirement to make ATTENTION possible, as well as 'enlightenment'.

To understand all this well, we need to sort out the connection between IMPLOSION, and getting fractal like a rose .. and making LIFE.

Once we understand that the skill to pursuade waves to agree IS - LIFE and SELF-AWARENESS. We can begin to practically USE the symmetry and musical harmonic 'RECIPES for PHI IMPLOSION' - to perfect the sacred architecture of our living structures.

First let us 'agree' that SUSTAINABILITY for wave pattern, is the only definition 'SACRED' ever had. The symmetry or pattern ingredients to get waves to implode - cause them to stabilize (that is RESIST change of position). This resistance to being pushed around which a wave going like a gyroscope in a circle creates, is called INERTIA. Inertia is the only definition or measurement physics ever had for MASS. So .. teach a wave to sustain a circle (a gyroscope) and YOU are the CREATOR (God) of matter out of light. The trick is, keeping the implosion going in the middle (called Gravity), so the waves does not fly out of the circle. (From mass to energy). The path of perfect "TRANSLATION of that VORTICITY" from the circle to the linee - which is FROM MASS TO ENERGY - IS- The Golden Mean Spiral. (Yellow Brick Road - kind of thing.)

Second - let us notice that our new definition of LIFE : "The ability to attract and self-organize (store) CHARGE" is measureable. ( see ). To measure life as an electrician we do a harmonic analysis of the capacitive charge field around say an egg, and the more HARMONICALLY INCLUSIVE - which is to say FRACTAL those waves of charge are... the more ALIVE it is!

What happens when a biological capacitor like a pine cone or a fresh egg or the electrical shape of your heart wiring which cause it to 'phire', starts getting VOLTAGE FROM GRAVITY? ... We call that - the moment it becomes ALIVE. (2 to 10 millivolts generated from gravity by the average fresh chicken egg - ask your physics professor where that comes from.)

The perfect COMPRESSION called IMPLOSION is key to that energy source... and the source of ALL life. So we MUST know and teach that symmetry recipe to make implosion, or we will lose ALL life!

What is kool, is that this little symmetry picture to arrange biological capacitors to CREATE LIFE - like - your furniture or your emotions, or the stones around your house and garden ... is as simple as looking at a rose! So it is easy to teach.

Suppose you are like our friend C.H. in Germany. Generations of PHYTOCHEMISTS (studying life and healing using plants) - noticed that they could predict if a bioregion could produce healing plants - by checking ONE ROSE GROWN THERE. If the inside of the rose flower pattern - looked exactly like the outside of the rose flower pattern in that same rose - then the plant healing expert would know that the bioregion contained the symmetry ability to compress charge - and that predicted healing! This principle of the inside looking like the outside - is called FRACTALITY. Roses, onions, fern trees etc. are biological examples - they show us how NATURE compresses charge to make life.

Physics has no quarrel with the essential insight of Einstein and all religions, that the universe is made of only a single substance: a unified field. What has been a bit troublesome has been to map the symmetry or wave pattern relationship between some of the attractions observeable in that unified field.

The problem of getting to a complete idea of that 'unified field' was delayed by the fact that physics initially failed to observe a fundamental symmetry connection between such attractions as electrical versus gravity. This was simply because the principle of compression that produced acceleration eluded them. The solution to MAKING that charge compressor that DID accelerate - is and was FRACTALITY ... 'self-similar' like a rose.

This principle occurs because waves (of 'charge') which cross upon themselves in a rose like FRACTAL pattern, add AND multiply their wave velocities - (as well as their wave lengths) RECURSIVELY (that is like compounding your interest at a bank) .. AND always CONSTRUCTIVELY. Reference: Heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi ( ) To think about how a wave might cross another and add and multiply the wave VELOCITIES - think of a surfer. He enters to tube tunnel in a cresting wave, then the curl of white cap collapser wave comes rolling in from the side. The wave from the side at one moment COLLAPSES on the wave coming straight on - AT THAT MOMENT THE SURFER IS SHOT OUT FROM THE TUBE LIKE A GUN! That is a wave which took it's VELOCITY and ADDED it to another wave. IF those waves were meeting in the Golden Ratio pattern like a rose fractal ( see pic below - pents into the tube tornado) - THEN the adding of wave velocities becomes CONSTRUCTIVE RECURSIVELY (repeatedly). This is how CAPACITORS ARRANGED IN A CONE (like the seeds in a pine cone) MAKE GRAVITY and MAKE VOLTAGE FROM GRAVITY. Because again - gravity IS acceleration - the ACCELERATION of that CHARGE resulted from 'recursive' (repeated) self-similar 'fractality'.

This turns compression into acceleration.

You gotta make gravity to make life. You gotta make life to make gravity. Other wise you will be 'blown away' / 'pushed around'.

The proof was that capacitors storing charge waves crossing when arranged in a rose or fern like fractal or cone ...(like seeds in a pine cone)..PRODUCE gravity. Capacitors in a curve or cone approaching this geometry of 'self-similarity' CREATE THRUST. (Replacing things like rockets and car motors.) ( pics at ).

Physics already understood that acceleration WAS gravity. (Arguing whether acceleration produces gravity or gravity produces acceleration is very chicken and egg ).

So the PATTERN or 'symmetry' recipe to make charge electrically go into this compression acceleration tornado becames the holy grail for the physics of the unified field. See the grail animation at: - that animation is the only 3 dimensional fractal - AND the way to arrange capacitors to make gravity - which is why it is a symmetry map to the dodecahedron - 'wratchet' fractal gravity maker which is DNA!

This is how we recently solved Einstein's dilmena about finding the shape (symmetry) which allows waves to infinitely compress. (Instead of "The Perfect Storm" - we get "The Perfect Tornado").

The answer was really simple, you take the Golden Ratio branching called Phylotaxis which is the definition of all plant life unpacking, and arrange capacitors in the same way, and you solve the problem of PACKING. Electrical waves which we may at first simply label as charge. (Later we will learn about the different between charge as a simple difference in electrical potential pressure difference which is called VOLTAGE - versus when that same charge is STORED and measured in FARADS as CAPACITANCE ).

Soon this will enable us to begin to think about what it is about a certain symmetry or pattern among waves which ALLOWS or INVITES charge to be stored. This capability to STORE CHARGE by learning the kind of 'slip knot' symmetry - gets us close to understanding how matter is created out of energy - or simply out of waves.

When we invite charge into compression space - we make gravity and life. Think about why a bee hive might be the ultimate definer of what is sacred architecture: It is such a great pine cone like fractal attractor for capacitive charge. Let us 'take a lesson'. Eventually we are going to need to learn about the definition of the construction materials called 'biological dialectric' (the quality of the insulator in the in between plates 'spark gap' of a capacitor - is called the DIALECTRIC ).. which nature uses to build life. Then we can design a building ! ... & a refrigerator ... (hint nature almost never uses metal to contain life - because it is not fractal.)

Intro to LIFE FORCE thinking (for non-electicians who WANT to make life)- using ELECTRICAL CHARGE as the principle.

First step: if we are going to explain to you how life propagates itself - as charge - and then ask you to change the menu and architecture at McDonald's based on the goal to serve life electrically - THEN - you will want to understand what CHARGE is!

So- what is the NATURE of charge itself?

When you rub a pen on some wool and create a spark - what do you do? You create an electrical difference of potential which initially can be measured in VOLTS. Science explains the difference between positive and negative electrical potential - as the presence of free protons versus electrons. You will begin to see in the conversation which follows, that this is rather limited thinking. The real issue is to begin to see the relationship between tornados that SUCK versus PUSH (centripedal versus centrifugal). If you REALLY get the proposed reason here that LIFE FORCE requires the ability to become ELECTRO-NEGATIVE in order to ATTRACT THE CHARGE -which IS life itself- to you. For exactly this reason - the baby that does not learn to suck - may die!

In Ted Baroody's book "Alkalise or Die" - the REASON blood must become electrically attractive to protons (extra 'electrons' or 'electron space' is associated with alkalinity) - is because - if the blood cannot ATTRACT electrical charge - you begin to decay and get sick.

Think - what SUCKS the egg into the wall of the womb. IF that suction is successful - the egg EMBEDS and then gets nourished. If not- it dies. That suction to produce life critical embedding - is primally electrical in nature / in principle.

Protons, for example, and 'free radical' hydrogen ion (atom) are thought of as being electrically positive. Electrons are negative. The real meaning of this, requires visualizing (picture below) - the DIFFERENCE between centripedal - or inward sucking spin - versus - centrifugal - or outward pushing spin. See in the below pic- understanding this 'hydrodynamic' or flow-form of tornado's vorticity having a net inward or outward - flux - IS THE KEY TO REALLY UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF PLUS VERSUS MINUS CHARGE. (and Yin versus Yang etc.),

Test yourself in the below pic - by seeing if you can answer the question - why does negative DC magnet flux reduce pain AND healing speed ... hint: mechanically externally generated - diverging flux lines decrease focus AND sorting..)

Becoming ELECTRO NEGATIVE - that is MAKING SPACE TO ATTRACT AND EMBED A CHARGED PROTON - becomes a definition of becoming ALIVE!

Once you begin to see that becoming electrically attractive to charge, is how you and everything become alive (even how you attract the right people to hug you) - try to begin to see WHY fractal or rose or fern or onion like 'self-similarity' electrically - is how anything alive - BECOMES THAT ATTRACTOR (below)... It is because when the inside of a wave nest (like your heart) becomes self-similar to what is outside- THEN - the outside can fall in!

We measure this 'turning inside out ness' based on PHI the Golden Ratio enabled or compression -- by harmonic analysis in the EKG (heart). This becomes the musical symmetry and definition of compassion - in principle. To feel for what is outside you - you create an image of that inside you. Only that fractal kind of data (wave) compression is infinite. That invites the outside - IN - to you. THAT IS COMPASSION. And it IS compression. You make space for someones feelings which were outside you, inside you.

Infinite non-destructive compression - now solved in the symmetry lesson of PHI based 'fractality' was not only the solution to Einstein's dilmena of how to get voltage from gravity in a unified field - IT IS ALSO THE SOLUTION TO COMPASSION!


Biologic Architecture - by Dan Winter -

"What is the (Electrical) Architecture of BIOLOGY?
Only when Science defines the SYMMETRY of What MAKES LIFE- Can Architects BUILD LIFE"

The Blissful Whisper Breath Feeling You Get When You Enter 'Sacred Space' IS in Fact the Efficient Distribution of Weak Biologic CHARGE.
FRACTALITY Allows this Exquisite Efficiently Distributed or 'Shareable' Field to NOURISH ALL BIOLOGY.
- However squarish buildings full of metal and non-fractal material (molecules whose charge was not originally fused in phase with biology) - create a fractionating electric field - which eventually destroy the germinating seed, the human immune system, human bliss - and even the very souls of our children. Defining the difference for science- can re-invent architecture: into ' a fractal field' in the service of biology!

Biology is choreographed directly as a result of the sharing of weak electric field bonds ( capacitive coupling and 'mitogenic radiation'). FRACTALITY - idealized in Golden Mean Ratio - perfects this perfect DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE - because - PERFECT COMPRESSION (which fractals allow) MAKES - PERFECT DISTRIBUTION. We long knew that all biology arranges itself into Golden Ratio, fractal and self- similar geometry. NOW -that we know WHY. We know exactly what the electric field of truly BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE - should look like!

It is so simple, our buildings need to LOOK like pine cones and roses, AND be made of the SAME biologic materials ('phase conjugate dielectric' / electrical fractality - DEFINING the very WORD organic). That exquisite feeling we get inside when we are nearing BLISS - often associated when entering sacred temple - now has definition in physics. Charge distribution has been made efficient by biologic fractality. A temple is literally a solar fractal 'capacitor' (having the 'capacity' to store charge efficiently DUE to fractality).

The result is the FEELING inside - will ring those inner bones we always use to determine the very MEANING of SACRED SPACE. The nice thing - now - as electricians and designers of sacred space - we now can USE the physics to TEACH the principles of the sacred / the truly biologic structure. The electric measurement principles to prove this are elegant: the same fractality measured by INCLUSIVE harmonics - which predicts which human heart will best survive (all disease in general! - called Fractal Heart Rate Variability: ) - is EXACTLY the same way a capacitor analyzed for harmonics can 'tell' if a space is sacred (examples: ).

this is preliminary material for our glossy color book on biologic architecture

featuring chapters from several sources, also text and many images (especially Michael Rice) from

-- input from our collaborating sacred architects is solicited now... Dan..


Could doorway into the divine literally mean the doorway into the place where CHARGE BRANCES perfectly? From the perfect SCION or VINE or FIL or SCIOnce..

Have you ever wondered WHY the doorways to temples were usually Golden Mean proportion? Why is the cultural definition for beauty usually linked to Divine Proportion / perfect geometry? There must be some more fundamental REASON in science to relate the tradition ideas of proportion and harmony to the real physics and science of what SHAPE does to serve biology directly.

Our ideas of beauty are so often linked to 'sacred architecture' and it's sense of proportion. Yet unless there is some really specific link between what allows biology and DNA to thrive - directly from these ideas we have of 'pleasing shape' - then architecture would be condemned to wander aimlessly in relatively horrific visions of our post-modern era (usually meaning - meaningless!).

BUT - fortuneately there is a perfectly excellent science and bio-physics which absolutely vindicates our centuries of dwelling on the abstruse and abstract ( and previously poorly defined or testable) ideas of what is beauty - and what building type makes biology happy. In a way this science is new - but the concepts it is based on are old. The shape of a capacitor (has the CAPACITY to store electric charge) determines if the field effect it makes - HELPS or HINDERS a seed to germinate! In other words - does your structure create an electric field which either FEEDS or BLEEDS DNA?

At first it seems appalling that bio-science has not thought of this before. We all know - that if you step inside a square-ish aluminum or all metal frame - you basically feed NOT SO GOOD. However - if you step inside a Golden Ratio - perhaps granite or anient 'paramagnetic' (we will do definitions shortly) - stone - THEN YOU FEED ALL TINGLY AND GOOD INSIDE. This information is so intuitively obvious that almost no-one would serve you water in an aluminum cup. Why serve your house with aluminum siding?

So - what we need is some serious science to understand the almost universally agreed intuitions we have about what is SACRED and spirit nourishing space. In other words: how shall we define spirit and the sacred - using some REALLY practical science - which architects can USE!

The challenge here is we must translate the almost universal inner language that almost ALL humans share - which is - there are some spaces that FEEL great - and other spaces that make you feel absolutely sick. Now obviously- if you were doing science about this quality of feeling - you might have many variables- like differences in temperature, moisture, air pollution, noise pollution etc. Yet - most of us would agree that even if you took ALL these other variables away, there are certain places that absolutely feel FABULOUS - and other spaces which ALWAYS make you feel queazy and uneasy and no so good inside. .... SO - what is this difference in the quality of FEELING - to a space. AND - can science get help us get our head around- defining that difference - in a measureable way to that architects can HAVE A GOAL??

In other words- if sacred space is REAL - then science should be able to get at least CLOSE to being able to measure it. If not, how are we to determine the paycheck for an architect? "Dear architect: I have decided I want to employ you to build a space which not only FEELS sacred - but that sacredness directly (and measureably) translates into how well DNA thrives inside, and how enhanced are humans ability to HAVE BLISS EXPERIENCE inside!"

So - you make your contract with your architect. He must build a space - where seeds germinate best, and people get bliss experience best. Great. NOW- you must have some measuring stick to determine at the end of your contract with your architect - to define whether or not the building succeeded to the contract goal?? The architect is standing there - he just built your building - and now you must determine whether to pay him. (Remember- originally in China where doctors were paid when people were NOT sick). Success should determine reward.

In other words- IF sacred space as a concept could be defined and measured ... THEN - the idea would be shareable ( and hopefully architects would stop building these metal monstrosities where everyone feels like s___*** expletive deleted.. !)

SO - the task is urgent to create some meaningful SCIENCE around - what indeed is sacred space. What makes all biology feel GREAT!! The nature of space - must be electrically described in such a way - that science can determine if the FIELD EFFECT of a space or building - is in fact GOOD or BAD for biology.

Seems like a simple task doesn't it. Yet - why has bio-physics not done this til now? Well- perhaps one reason - is that as cultures have evolved we have come up with a 'tower of babel' language problem around this question of WHAT IS LIFE FORCE? Well - let's see - is life force, living energy .. chi, orgone, barrakah, shaktipat, freshness, elan vitale, vril, eloptic, eck....??

How can we build a building to MAKE LIFE FORCE- IF we do not know what that is? Here is the problem we must address.

To have this conversation - we are going to suggest some exciting real NEW physics, and yet our committment to you the reader- is that we are going to use terms which are fun and accessible to the average high school science class. Imagine if a life giving new revolution in physics were possible - without once requiring a Ph.D to understand it. Such is our revolution for understanding the 'FRACTAL' ELECTRICAL ARCHITECTURE OF BIOLOGY.


2. What FIELD really serves the FIELD of BIOLOGY?

Well- our biologists of course first wanted to understand whole bodies, then they needed to understand glands, then of course that becomes a study of cells, which became a study of molecules, when resolves to a study of atoms, which focuses in to a study of electrons and photons, which becomes a study of.... the SYMMETRY OF WAVES OF CHARGE. You get the point - we went from long waves to short waves - in order to understand how the NEST or EMBED. If the little wave is not dancing with the right drummer- then it fights with the bigger wave- and dies. In music this is called harmony, in biology this is called EMBEDDING or SUPERLOOPING, and in bodies - it is called HEALTH.

In order to make our point about what SHAPE of ELECTRIC FIELD can make ALL BIOLOGY HAPPY - we are going to use 2 examples:

1. A seed. The difference between a seed that is alive, versus a seed that is dead is: the ability to shoot out an electric field strong enough to change the angle of incoming water. By radiating an electric wave of charge- the seed does two things- it shapes the angle at which the next molecule bonds - to determine the shape of growth- AND the seed changes the angle of incoming water molecules with their load of mineral / food. IF there is no charge field coming from the seed- there is nothing to determine the pattern / direction of growth - and nothing to shape the incoming water and mineral bonds. SO- if an electrical engineer (you and me) were talking about the difference between life and death for a seed - we would say : ABILITY TO RADIATE CHARGE is life! .. You can probably guess where we are going with this electrical definition of life: IF radiating charge efficiently becomes our definition of life - THEN something first must efficiently compress that charge so that it CAN radiate. > FORTUNEATELY - for physics - the answer is simple - CHAGE COMPRESSION IS PERFECTED when FRACTAL. And thereby - charge radiation (perfect distribution means LEAST storage) - is perfected ALSO when FRACTAL!

One nice rather medical example of this ideal: Nobel winning Albert Szent-Gyorgyi in "Electronic Biology and Cancer" figured out the difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell. At a primary level - the critical difference was the {triplet state electron} ORDERLINESS OF ITS WATER. Super ordered {fractal?} water geometry - makes CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENT - and THAT is the end of cancer! - ref: , also many pictures of water making fractal / molecular pent patterns- . Another nice more plant physiologic example: our wonder plant doctor friend in Werrra Meissner - points out that the most healing potent part of the plant for his medicines is always the growth spurt part RIGHT AT THE TIP OF THE BUD. Here the CHARGE RADIANCE is strong - where that charge is embedded in the molecules of the cells near there, is where you can find the most healing part of the plant.

2. Second example: Your Heart! We are so happy that Dr. Irving Dardik's work on perfect nesting/ embedding / superlooping to define which heartbeat survives - has been made popular. Our extensive pictorial review is at . The major new popular book is: "Making Waves". It is all a nice pictorial way of understand why THE HEALTHY HEART IS A FRACTAL HEART! We applied this to our HeartTuner - teaching fractality : see . The point here is to understand HOW the life saving quality of FRACTALITY which is well known to be the key ingredient to Heart survival - can be applied to defining sacred space - for architecture.

YOU need to understand HOW your heart can get fractal - so YOU can apply this to finding and making the architecture of sacred space. First - lets simplify the science. To be clear, let us begin with how it is measured. Here is what a fractal (healthy) heart is NOT. A healthy heart is NOT one where the heart RATE does not change. The first thing we say to folks first having fun on our HeartTuner - is to watch whether their HEART RATE VARIES. We always say: IF YOUR HEART RATE IS STUCK, THEN a) YOUR EMOTION IS STUCK - and b) YOU ARE GOING TO ATTRACT DISEASE. It really is as simple as this - being a 'couch potato'- forgetting to exercise- you lose the RANGE OF CHANGE in your heart RATE- and THEREFORE you lose RANGE OF CHANGE for your EMOTIONS!!

When your heart (like your psyche) is able to RELAX between beats, that opening electrical spark gap - allows the ENVIRONMENT electrically INSIDE your hearts charge. This means that IF the heart is in a FRACTAL or HARMONIC INCLUSIVE environment and IF you know you to relax BETWEEN heart beats- THEN your heart can EAT CHARGE! Your heart will then constantly and fractally modulate the amount of time it needs before its next beat- and that fractal or harmonically inclusive VARIABILITY- indicates ABILITY TO ABSORB CHARGE from environment in general.

Now - we can get a lot more musically specific for how all this is measured. Essentially- when we look at HOW MANY HARMONICS are in your heart - we see whether you are healthy - LOTS OF HARMONICS PRESENT is called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ( in the medical terms of Heart Rate Variability or HRV) - versus - if there is only ONE primary harmonic in the lo frequencies of your heart (HRV) - then YOU ARE TOAST! (meaning disease is coming). Dr. Dardik's classic paper (see above) showed clearly that virtually ALL CHRONIC DISEASE DISAPPEARS IF- you heart harmonics are INCLUSIVE. (that means LOTS of DIFFERENT frequencies are present). Not only, cancer, aids, heart disease and such, but also juvenile delinquency, even AGING statistically DISAPPEAR if you can keep a heart which is musically FULL of different harmonics. THIS became one of numerous recent medical advances ALL concluding that A HEALTHY HEART IS A FRACTAL HEART (medical links at ).

SO - how are we about to apply this to biology. And particularly - does this tell us about the correct ARCHITECTURE OF BIOLOGY - and therefore the correct BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE?

We need to look at the essential principle behind- why harmonic inclusive or fractal electrical behavior - in the heart - AND in ANYTHING ALIVE - produces increased survival. This principle Dr.Dardik - hinted at in his original papers (see: Cycles Magazine article link from ). He said - the task of the surviving heart was to learn how to be A LITTLE WAVE which learned to NEST AND SURVIVE inside BIGGER WAVES. (This is a story for kids: 'the little wave that could!'). The heart cell is a wave, within- the heart beat is a wave- within, the heart RATE is a wave- within, the BREATH is a wave- within, your DAY is a wave- within, your GALAXY is a wave - within.... You get the flavor- the little wave here starts out as simply a wave of CHARGE - and ends up being the sustainability (immortality) of your vitality!

Physics can be very clear that their are certain wave shapes and rhythmns which allow little waves to NEST OR SUPERLOOP within bigger waves- in such a way - that 'NOBODY GET HURT'. In other words- PERFECT NESTING or PERFECT EMBEDDING or PERFECT SUPERLOOPING - resolves to an issue somewhat like... which curves can you include in the famous carved wooden -NESTED ONE WITH THE OTHER - Russian Dolls. Some curves allow one to nest inside the other, OTHERS SHAPES JUST CANNOT NEST!

The way medicine learned THE PRINCIPLE BEHIND DISEASE RESISTANCE ( fractal or harmonic INCLUSIVE -Heart Rate Variability) - actually is the ANSWER for architects! When we take a look at this PRINCIPLE behind the great SUPERLOOPING (how to get the little loop successfully EMBEDDED in bigger loops!) - from Dardik - we can do a lot more science than he did... AND it gets profoundly SPIRITUAL - and can tell us about ARCHITECTURE!

Dardik - did us a great service when he pointed to the overarching principle - namely FRACTALITY. We have summed this up by saying - not only in your EKG - but in EVERYTHING THAT LIVES - your choices are clear- GET FRACTAL or GET DEAD!!

In order to apply this principle, make it practical, measureable, testable, teachable with feedback, applicable to architecture- and therefore SHAREABLE - we need to define it's measurement and harmonics.

We ARE really getting somewhere here, if we have set as our goal - understanding what are the symmetry or harmonic elements of the FIELD EFFECT which produces thrival and survival. We now know that the quality of that field is going to be - INCLUSION OF MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HARMONICS, and therefore FRACTAL.

Next - as architects- we need to know what that looks like - and HOW and WHY that works to well to make biology thrive - electrically.


3. WHY and HOW fractality / harmonic inclusiveness - in field effect shape or symmetry CAUSES ALL BIOLOGY TO THRIVE:

Biophysics as a discipline gradually gets more and more distilled into essence - as it approaches maturity as a science. First it was - shoot the parasite (Pasteur vs. the bacteria) - then it was - study the parasite from there we learn the service it is doing (Hanneman / homeopathy) .. to todays - whole systems approach means no one is evil - some are just misunderstood.

We talked about about getting from the short wave (quantum) approach - to the long wave (whole body ) approach. So we might be ready to ask - what is the essential electrical SHAPE which allows INFORMATION (namely: CHARGE) to flow - FROM little systems TO bigger ones. You want to be sure the subatomic particles in your DNA have good phone conversation with your intergalactic guardian angles don't you? What is physics answer for best charge transfer from big systems to little ones. You already know the answer to this one, Einstein would probably have solved his unified field if only someone would have told him that something called FRACTAL is in fact INFINITELY COMPRESSIBLE. This means- that fractals change scales PERFECTLY. This ability to be SCALE INVARIANT - or PERFECTLY COMPRESSIBLE - puts FRACTAL electric fields in something of a class by themselves (physics is still mostly clueless here).

We have written numerous articles about this skill to get fractal and compressible (implode-able) in the charge fields in DNA being the KEY to taking memory thru death! ( , ).

Two radical principles emerge - in our pure symmetry electrical science of WHAT IS LIFE:

1. Scale invariance / compressibility and therefore fractality are immortal

2. The REASON fractality and immortality are keys to survival for charge waves and YOU - are they perfect the EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION OF ELECTRIC CHARGE.

Now here- we might take pause for a short and very painless glimpse at real breakthrus in unified field physics. One of the qualities you need in order to be brave enough to see your inner feelings as GOD or the creative principle in essence, is to understand that what you bend into shape (namely CHARGE) when you choose a FEELING (and field effect) in your heart - is the universal stuff (charge) which MAKES matter - and ALL creation!

Our unified field dialog BEGINS with the essential idea - that the UNIFIED STUFF of which all is made, may be nicely and non-schizophrenically defined as electric charge. ( we presented this at unified field physics colloquia like Budapest - see: ).

Other - relatively evolved Unified Field Physics theories premised on the notion that CHARGE is the universal substrate include:

The universal medium or ether should correctly be imaged as a squeezeable and compressible 'smoke' or 'jello' like substance whose essential difference between COMPRESSION versus RAREFACTION is called ELECTRIC CHARGE. When charge rotates, permitted by symmetry - the inertia stored is called MASS. That rotation further defines TIME. Charge is able to remain rotating without centrifugal dissolution ONLY WHEN BALANCED WITH a CENTRIPEDAL (corriolis like?) force that results from SELF SIMILAR CHARGE COLLAPSE THRU CENTER - CAUSED BY FRACTALITY ( turning compression of charge into heterodyned Golden Ratio ACCELERATION of charge - thru light speed) .. called GRAVITY. ( more: ).

So - by understanding how symmetry arrays (like your EKG and EEG and then your ARCHITECTURE) get a HANDLE to THROW CHARGE AROUND and between frequencies into GRAVITY - puts you IN CHARGE. This gives YOU the inertia to throw charge into non-destructive compression - called CREATION( mass is compressed charge - YOU are empowered).

The KEY here is to understand how LIFE fits in. We need to describe how LIFE FORCE is the CHARGE DISTRIBUTION PERFECTED BY FRACTAL CHARGE ACCELERATION (especially IN THE CORE OF DNA) - and how that INTIMATELY EMBEDS IN GRAVITY. (Why for example do you need to avoid the un-fractal moon - if you want a seed to germinate. If your building has a squarish metal core like the moon does, then you will kill seeds too! Let's understand the PRINCIPLE. )

First - from the biophysics. I remember when my biophysicist friend Prof.Earl Ettienne, explained how cell metabolism only worked if the long wave chains of incoming food, could be translated smoothly into very coherent short wave high quality ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT. He was fond of saying this high quality coherent UV light was the 'motor' of cell metabolism. A nested ladder from long wave to short wave - whose musical dance of COHERENCE defines healthy cell life. We later made the case that the orderly harmonic distribution of the sweet BLUE FIRE (UV) juice was the economics of not just meiosis / meitosis (cell division timing/ cancer = touch inhibition failure - see ) - but sexuality in general. Our 'Biology of Blue Fire' video- made with 3 MD's, more recently: physics of tantra + kundalini - at .

To summarize here, imagine how hard it would be to make the case that a billion sub cellular molecules suddenly somehow open a chemical thru the mail that tells them it is now the instant to start cell division. Obviously, mechanical bonds DO NOT EXPLAIN THE EXQUISITE TIMING DANCE OF CELL DIVISION! No- cell division quite clearly is the coherent dance of a very large and very coherent electric field (better described using waves than the packets of waves called particles). HOW cell division's electric field GETS coherent - has everything to do with fractal contructive compression of charge.

Now - we should carry on this dialog - how to redefine cell metabolism using fractal field effect analysis - in a biophysics class (links above) - but what is needed here for the BIOLOGIC ARCHITECT - is the executive summary. The executive summary is easy: biology can only EAT CHARGE. Charge is our ONLY real food - the TINGLE from the fresh apple IS the food - grind it and overcook it - and the TINGLE is gone - AND the life support is gone. Further- biology can only EAT CHARGE- if the method of serving that charge is FRACTAL. The reasons for this are self evident and beautiful. Electric field theory means that all biologic (survival) information exists as the electric field of charge which become biology's molecular bonds. SO - thrival and survival depend on getting those electric field coherent enough to stand as waves.

Further, DNA, philotaxes, and every living proteint (being 5 sided),- in summary ALL OF LIFE - is based on GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - because that geometry is what allows charge to compress non-destructively. Compressing charge non-destructively- means storing survival memory efficiently. Coherence perfects harmonic, fractality perfects coherence, and Golden Ratio perfects fractality.

This works because in physics Golden Mean ratio is called 'optimized translation of vorticity'. This means that rotational energy (charge rotating in a circle is called: mass), can be non-destructively 'translated' or transformed - into the more centripedal charge imploding- called GRAVITY (charge collapsing in scale invariant implosion- compression translated into acceleration by Golden Ratio ). The secret is to see how the place where charge acceleration is accomplished BECAUSE OF FRACTAL SELF SIMILAR CHARGE COLLAPSE / IMPLOSION - becomes a wave holy communion FUSION core -for centers of gravity in general, AND DNA IN PARTICULAR! What we are calling attention itself - begins with understanding implosive and gravity making ( DNA does it ) charge compression.

Looking at HOW Golden Ratio is the only way waves can recursive add (multiply) - ( the sequence ..., .618 , 1.0 , 1.618 , 2.618 ...- permits you to add any 2 numbers to get the next OR mulitply by 1.618 to get the next). Since every time waves meet the very NATURE of wave interference (recursive heterodyning) is that waves must add and multiply - the Golden Ratio is THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF CONSTRUCTIVE WAVE INTERFERENCE.

We cannot emphasize this too much. THE SOLUTION TO CONSTRUCTIVE WAVE INTERFERENCE - means - the end of fighting! Waves can agree. It means - the most number of waves of charge COULD AGREE TO CONVERGE AT ONE PLACE. We must study intently to learn WHY this is the correct beginning to our problem : SCIENCE DEFINES SACRED SPACE.

(If you are open to exploring how non destructive wave agreement - becomes a generally science of how to teach PEACEMAKING as science - please see ).

When waves compress perfectly, they then radiate FROM THE FRACTAL PLACE OF PERFECT COMPRESSION - into perfect charge DISTRIBUTION. Perfecting charge distribution is absolutely electrically our solution to the space where we feel BLISS.. and where all DNA gets happy. All communication gets efficient - right down to the cellular level. Places where charge radiates effortlessly - always have charge fields that look fractal like a rose- THIS is our key to building sacred space! Here the tingling blissful feeling - is the effortless way biologic information is distributed. In psychological and even religious terms - this is access to the collective unconscious: it needs very appropriately to be understood in rigorous electrical terms.

.. SO we must first learn how this is measured: electrically.

4. Electrically measuring LIFE FORCE and SACRED SPACE. ( this will be scenes from )

5. Biologic Architecture: Use of Color

Color can produce fusion-if the PHASE CONJUGATE CAUSE OF COLOR is used to calculate frequency ratio:

This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at
How: The "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail-Where LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATION by Fractality
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..
'Garden of E-din' ("Place of Annunaki")- as the (Conjugate/Fractal) Field Effect Domain Boundary within which Aging is Eliminated.
IF you leave it.. you are ejected from Para-dise (Par/Through-DIS-structive interference of living plasma field):
Compare to L.Gardner defining HEAVEN / 'Plaines of Sharon' as the conjugate/ inPHIknit dielectric field created by Gold Powder/Manna/Ormes/the'spice'/'Holy Communion'

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see , and - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color>

The Caduceus- historical inset: To add historical tapestry to the concept Caduceus- (phase conjugate at root- symbol of Hemes / Medicine / DNA)-Has anyone ever given you a real AUrigen root of the word CADUCEUS: Anton Parks has a fascinating story: that while Enki / Sam / Nudimud 'the cloner' was still evidently as much as a genetic klutz as the guy (who ran Rosslyn Chapel- shades of Templar ghosts) who built DOLLY THE SHEEP (what a sad way to die- the sheeple will follow). Point is Parks tells that the teachers - best ancestors of his mothers line- who actually HAD some long term intent - snuck in some real psychokinetic DNA into Enki's genetic cookery - literally WHEN HE WASN'T LOOKING (hint: Ptah-Taal- 12the dimension DNA- means recursive folded braid discipline- shades of 'boson 7' 'micro-chloridians in the blood' luke...) > Those teachers of the GOOD Draco / annunaki - real ancestors of fallen Nephalim Annunaki - (Seraphic / Ophanic?) - were called KADISTU - meaning 'Life Designers' - which HE says is the AUrigen of our word K/CADUCEUS ( do YOU know where the word came from?
Advanced physicists {including Nassim} today DO agree that PHASE CONJUGATION - the Caduceus - IS the black hole AND the gravity and..{I suggest} the mystery of centripetal force in general! - {like made by DNA})

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception -

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress , Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)
- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.


more on this science applied - at

--PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index:

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!


Note: In these films- and at
Vincent is basically saying the history clearly indicates the original philosophers stone, projective powder of alchemy - was the ground up- meteoritic glass of the
Muslum KABBAH stone..

See the film about GOLDEN RATIO , 1.618 and the MYSTERIES OF THE KABBAH..


The physics:
when (meteoritic) glass is homogenously propagated wth (platinum group metal) gold vapor - it becomes a potent phase conjugate dielectric..
which is golden ratio capacitance- essentially
(bioactivity example: )
sometimes called the philosophers stone, or projective powder - see;
This (Implosive / Centripetal ) FRACTAL FIELD EFFECT- is what here is called -vairocana effect - the life giving field effect core of the HERMETIC revolution.


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The IMPLODER is the first major breakthru technology based directly on:
(equation based implosive hydrodynamic AND magnetic)

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Vairocana Effect and Creating Life:
Billions of tourists annually- and and huge portion of the global economy- is spent - on getting access to so called 'sacred sites'. Obviously the feeling of being there justifies spending a major chunk of global money. And yet- no one ever even thought about learning the electrical engineering necessary to BUILD the field effect that makes a site sacred? We have taught how the actual acheivement of peak experience / bliss / ecstasy - with the help of such charge fields- is ESSENTIAL to immune health, and taking memory thru death (book: Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality)

Is this inability to deal with the concept of the sacred and creating sacred space- as SCIENCE - just a schizophrenia.. or shall we call it the comic strip "Adamic RACE?"

Dr Korotkov showed we could MEASURE the air and the field at sacred sites to determine if they were sacred (fractality in the space = charge distribution efficiency- the DEFINER of life). He found out by following the shamen to where they make phone calls to ancestors.

gdv AIR fractality

We designed the device (phase conjugate dielectric)..

phase conjugate eggs

which did this (see the 3 peaks) - each time we put it around Korotkov's little measuring antenna:

GDV measures cups

The frequency signature we use to phase conjugate the resins- corresponds to Golden Ratio fractality and hydrogen. This demonstrates we UNDERSTAND WELL in principle: what makes a field conjugate- and therefore distributeable. People think that by defining pure intention and the voice of ancestors- as a perfectly shareable wave- we are speaking poetry - this may be true - but this is also a precise physics.


The book "Seed of Knowledge" showed - any scientists with a 90 cent budget for seeds could replicably measure what a 'sacred site' - stone circle did to seed growth


Did any university biology department check this out?

NO - University Biology departments continue to construct buildings made of the field effect poisoning steel and aluminum. (The PRINCIPLE: Steel / Aluminum create a capacitor which is:
harmonic EXCLUSIVE- death making-
versus - biologic or 'phase conjugate' materials which create a capacitor - which like the heart HRV which tells you your immune system is sustainable- is
harmonic INCLUSIVE /
embedable/ fractal /
context rich /
connective for living plasma instead of isolating -
charge distribution= life- invites your aura/plasma to breathe, versus charge isolation= death
- read- )

Governments- keep wrapping their sacred sites in horrifying electrosmog and metal. Greece lined the Parthenon in steel rope! Scotland built a huge steel and aluminum cap completely covering Rosslyn Chapel. (Amateurs built Noah's ark- professionals built the Titanic).

The experience of bliss and peak perception and biologic charge which the ancients intended - is wiped out by the idiot 'scientists' of western government. These are the scientists- who like Einstein- because they have no clue what (fractal) field effect causes an object to fall to the ground (constructive Golden Ratio compression-produces acceleration- causes gravity)- also have no clue to how to make - the (perfected charge distribution) electric field which causes perception, life, and bliss / peak experience. (Science review: )


Some years ago, James Lovelock- author of the GAIA hypothesis was invited to contribute to the science software- in the game SIM-Earth. In this sophisticated software game environment- the player tries to adjust the ingredients on a test planet- in order to make life happen and grow. The factors- like cloud reflectivity / albeido, gravity, temperature- and hundreds of other variables are accurately programmed to test whether life is made possible. The tricky part of the code- which Lovelock- Mr GAIA- was invited to write- was to program the effect of what happens - when STONE DOLMEN- sacred stone circles- are built on the land. What does THAT do to evolution (from the point of view of bioscience)?

What Lovelock concluded and wrote into the code- was that Stone Dolmen - accelerate growth, population and civilization - but with the risk of premature resource burnout.

When we put the gold eggs treated with phase conjugate dielectric resin:

(which had measureably spiked Dr Korotkov's space fractality probe)

simply passively around a glass jar containing fermenting yeast:


we got a (very repeatable) 20-40 percent increase in fermentation rate. GROWTH ACCELERATION!

glucose consumed


(Rather like what happens when you get smart enough to locate your compost pile where ley lines cross...maybe that's where cities should be..
oh- the aboriginals knew that..
pity about modern architects.. guess they haven't reach stone age skill yet...).

See the PYRAPHI- example of this FRACTAL or P.C.Dielectric Living Field Generator:


The principle is simple- whatever facilitates constructive charge compression / acceleration/ and therefore charge distribution- ACCELERATES LIFE! Young children often succeed to explain this to their prehistoric biology teachers after attending our global seminars.

Speaking of global seminars.. it is June 20, 2010 in S. France - as I write- this - recuperating as usual from too much travel. We just did Bagnacavallo (Italy), then Prague, then St Remy, Then Turin, then Malta conference weeks- all in a row.

I am appending to this article major films from ALL those events last 2 months.

Everyone tells us we should charge for these films. I am taking another choice. I know that if we make access to these films- by payment- we will reduce to one in a thousand those who see them. SO- I am taking another approach:

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That device is the most powerful fractal field hydrodynamic and magnetic device ever launched (see note below - be CAREFUL of the magnetic strength - both conventionally and biologically it is VERY potent). If you support us in sharing this game changing IMPLOSION CREATES SELF ORGANIZATION technology- then we can continue to be able to bring this amazing world leading - educational material.

TODAY- we are announcing the release of OVER 24 NEW MAJOR FILMS- on transformation of consciousness using SCIENCE. About 30 hours of new material - in 4 languages- 7 cities- 5 countries.

And HERE is the theme that holds all of this together:

The ALCHEMY (Black hole of perfect fusion)- of LIFE- is FRACTAL!

The theme- of these films- fits very nicely into a kind of shamanic recapitulation of history:

Supposing- Enki / Sam / Ea's family- with Hermes/ Ningishidda, key contribution to culture was the knowledge how to assemble dolmen to accelerate biological growth and evolution by their field effect.

This Hermetic revolution - was symbolized by the Cadduceus- whose geometry in 3D is today called PHASE CONJUGATION. (Anton Parks has a great history of the KADISTU- whose LIFE DESIGNERS- originated the term Caduceus.. I think these are the OPHANIM..)

Enki's hermetic family the PTAH-Taal- were later called Thoth Moses- ("Sons of Thoth" - Tehuti- means TWT - which in Aramaic means THE LINE OF DAVID .. DWD.. you might store that memory in D'V'D format...)

The ThuthMoses line- was the name for the Pharoh's line.

Very interesting.. that Gigal reinterprets the ancient PRE-Pharoah line of Egyptian Kings.. as ANU..

Valerie has translated Gigal from the French..

Akanaton- (whose AKU line refers to Enki's family) and Tutankhamon - had very long extended skulls.

These "cone head' dolichocepahlic skulls - possibly from Early Egypt were later found by the thousands in PERU and... MALTA. Which is where Vincent Bridges hypothesizes the earliest known Dolmen building VAIROCANA (Hypogeum making) culture built their life accelerating stone capacitors.

What is the VAIROCANA EFFECT (Vincent's term - below) : Life and Consciousness accelerating turning points for civilization- triggered from the (obviously lost) skill to build a living capacitor.

In 2 of the films below- Vincent Bridges develops a fascinating hypothesis about how acceleration of culture by learning how to assemble stone dolmen into a biologic capacitor spread globally- possibly in the trail of these skulls.

He says that the (fractal?) galaxy core- interstellar alignments / Mayan prediction- show the arrival of 8 or so - great mound building cultures. The earliest of which is in Malta.

In Malta- these cultures- before the Egyptian- learned to build great stone life giving capacitors.. called HYPOGEUM:


This is rather parallel (electrical function: embed or die) - to the healing / bio-accelerating electric field quality of the Anasazi/ Hopi / Indian healing/ initiatory structure: the KIVA.


It is important to see how radiant - and phase conjugate (embedable) was the electric field of the dolmen structures on Malta